27 novembre 2017

Lucia Pedri exhibition

lucia pedri in barga 2009003An exhibition of finely detailed allegorical paintings by Lucia Pedri opened at the Galleria Comunale in Barga Vecchia this afternoon. The artist herself arrived a full 30 minutes late, keeping the photographers and officials from the Comune waiting outside – none of which mattered once the door was opened and the paintings could be seen in all their glory.
Lucia Pedri was interviewed in August when the Studio of Colour Etching run by Swietlan Kraczyna opened its door for the exhibition at end of the colour multi plate etchings course by his group of students for 2009 – that interview where she talks about some of the reasons behind why she makes her work can be heard here

gatti e gattare per le vie del borgo, discinti e gaudenti, adorni di pelo, in un festino di fine estate ed inizio autunno ..

She was also featured on barganews back in May during the exhibition “18 women artists in Castelnuovo”